CSN Resources

From 1 June 2018  revenue and benefits services for the South Northamptonshire area have been delivered in partnership with CSN Resources. You shouldn’t notice any difference, but if you want to know more the questions and answers below should help.

What is CSN Resources?

CSN Resources is a not for profit company established in April 2017 and owned by Cherwell District and South Northamptonshire Councils to support the delivery of the councils’ services.

The first services to be delivered by CSN Resources are:

  • Revenues (billing, collection and recovery of Council Tax and Business Rates and Sundry Debts)
  • Benefits (Housing Benefits and Council Tax Reduction)
  • Debt and Money Advice.

What will this mean to me?

You will not notice any difference in the delivery of your services. The Revenues and Benefits team are the same experienced officers and will continue to review and improve the services offered.

Will there be any change at all?

You may notice that emails you receive come from the new CSN mailboxes for so example, a.another@csnresources.co.uk. There should be no other change.

If you would like to know more about CSN Resources please contact Belinda Green (Operations Director CSN) on belinda.green@csnresources.co.uk

Why hasn’t CSN got its own website?

CSN works solely for Cherwell and the South Northamptonshire area of West Northamptonshire Council. The councils remain responsible for the delivery of the services and all the information you need to access the services can be found on the councils websites.