Supplementary planning guidance

We no longer produce supplementary planning guidance. Since 2004 these have been replaced by Supplementary planning documents, however they remain material considerations in planning decisions.

Some of the contact details have changed please contact for any queries.

The information in the leaflets is given in good faith and was correct at the time of writing. However, as some of the leaflets are now relatively old, parts may have been superseded by more recent planning policy advice, changes to the planning regulations, contact details or changes to our Policy on the provision of grants. (Please note that we are no longer able to offer grants towards the cost of thatching).

For more detailed and definitive advice on whether a specific proposal is likely to prove acceptable in planning terms, then you are advised to submit a pre-application enquiry. For further details of this service, please call 01327 322237.

We are therefore unable to accept responsibility for the accuracy of the information unless you have specifically checked the content with us.

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