Who we collect council tax on behalf of

The level of council tax for South Northamptonshire Council, Northamptonshire County Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire is determined by dividing the amount of money required to cover spending on service delivery by the number of properties for which council tax is payable - expressed as Band D equivalents.

The number of Band D equivalent properties varies each year as a result of new homes being built and old ones being demolished. The number is also affected by the level of people eligible for discounts and council tax reduction.

Amount per band D
property £
Northamptonshire County Council General* 38,165,481 41,246,602 1,146.38
Northamptonshire County Council Fire* 2,070,340 2,191,437 60.76
Northamptonshire County Council Adult Social Care Precept (2%) 3,148,320 3,235,940 89.72
The Police and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire 7,756,404 8,837,882 245.04
South Northamptonshire Council 6,519,113 6,900,718 191.33

*Fire and Rescue transferred from Northamptonshire County Council to the Police, Fire and Rescue Commissioner in January 2019.


For information on the county council tax contribution and Northamptonshire County Council's budget see Northamptonshire County Council.

For further details on how the policing part of your council tax is spent see Northamptonshire Police.

To see how much the council tax payment is for all property bands see Council Tax bands and charges.