Council tax bands and levels

Council tax banding

Your bill shows the council tax band that has been allocated to your property by the Valuation Office Agency

You can find the council tax band and the amount payable for your property on our Bills and Benefits Portal.

Band Range of values in £
A Up to 40,000
B Over 40,000 and up to 52,000
C Over 52,000 and up to 68,000
D Over 68,000 and up to 88,000
E Over 88,000 and up to 120,000
F Over 120,000 and up to 160,000
G Over 160,000 and up to 320,000
H Over 320,000

Inspecting council tax valuation lists

The council tax valuation list and rating list may be inspected at the Valuation Office Agency's website or at:

Valuation office agency
3rd Floor
Northgate House
Sheep Street

Telephone: 03000 501501

Mixed use properties

Properties in mixed use, known as composite properties, will have a rateable value to reflect their non-domestic part, and a band to reflect their domestic part. Composite properties are liable to pay both taxes, albeit on different parts, and so appear on both the valuation and rating list.