Who has to pay council tax

Enforcement Agents and your rights

If you have not paid your account in full, or have not made a payment arrangement and no other recovery method is available or suitable (for example if you do not supply employment or benefit details); we may pass your account to Enforcement Agents at additional cost to you. If this happens, you must contact the Enforcement Agents directly to discuss the enforcement (contact details will be provided to you via post).

What do Enforcement Agents do?

The Enforcement Agents will send you a letter asking you to pay the amount you owe including their Compliance Stage costs (currently £75.00 per Liability Order) immediately and advising you of the action they will take if you don’t contact them. If they don’t receive a response to their letter, they will attempt to phone or email you if they have your contact details. If you still don’t respond, they will visit your property with the view to removing goods. If no payment arrangement is made and goods are removed, they will be sold at public auction which will add more costs to the amount you must pay.

For more information see Bailiffs - your rights.

Can Enforcement Agents force entry?

Enforcement agents cannot enter your home:

  • via force
  • via anything other than a door
  • if only children under 16 or only vulnerable people are present
  • between 9:00pm and 6:00am.