Council tax discounts

Other discounts

We calculate your council tax by assuming that at least two adults are living in the property. Half of the council tax is for the property, and the other half is for the people who live there. We do not count some people when we work out how many adults live in the property - these people are 'disregarded' adults. This may allow you to receive a discount even if you do not live alone. If all members of the household are disregarded you may be able to get a 50 per cent discount off your council tax.

These following people are disregarded:

  • full time students
  • 18/19 year olds in further education; recent school or college leavers under 20 years old; 18 year olds for whom child benefit is paid
  • apprentices earning under £195 a week
  • youth training trainees
  • student nurse
  • severely mentally impaired
  • some carers and care workers
  • prisoners and other people held in detention
  • foreign language assistants
  • some foreign national spouses and dependants of full-time students
  • residents of nursing homes, care homes and some hostels; long-term hospital patients
  • members of religious communities, for example, nuns and monks
  • members of visiting armed forces and their dependants; members and their dependants of international headquarters and defence organisations such as NATO; foreign diplomats
  • empty and unfurnished properties are eligible for a 50 percent discount for up to 3 months

Students will need to get a council tax certificate from their place of study.

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