Annual canvass

Each year we must write to every property in the district and find out who is living there, so that the electoral register can be updated.

Forms start being sent in late August, and will be addressed to the occupier. The form will list the names of people we have on the electoral register for that address. If nothing has changed, you can reply using the online, telephone or text message service.

The details are included on the form.

If changes need to be made then amend the form and send it back to us in the post.

Please make sure you reply to the first form as quickly as possible. If we don’t hear from you we will send a reminder form. We also send out a team of door-knocking canvassers, around November, to visit properties who haven’t replied to the forms.

It is a legal requirement to be on the electoral register in the UK. If you don’t register you could be fined £1000.