Your bins

General bin information

Bins are emptied Tuesday to Friday between 7:00am and 5:00pm. You should put the correct bins out at the nearest point to the road by 7:00am on the correct day. We cannot travel along private driveways.

Contact us if you are unable to put your bins out due to infirmity or disability and we can help with your collection.

You must put the right things in each bin. If you put the wrong things in any bin or put the wrong bin out for collection we will not empty it. We will not collect extra rubbish left beside or on top of the black bin.

The standard size of black bin is 180 litres. This is slightly smaller than your other bins because you can recycle most of your waste.

We’ll take extra recycling with your recycling bin. This should be contained in a box or bag (not black bags).

Extra recycling bins are available free of charge (limit of one extra bin per household). 

All bins are the property of the council. We repair broken bins free of charge (or replace if they can’t be fixed).

Smaller bins are available if you don’t have much space. Larger or extra bins are available depending on the size of your household.