Your bins

Rubbish and recycling bins

For individual houses, we provide the following

  • Rubbish bin (black)
  • Recycling bin (blue or black with a blue lid)
  • Garden waste bin (green or black with a brown lid) this is an opt-in service of £42 per bin from 4 April 2022
  • A caddy for food waste collections (with an indoor caddy for storage, silver or brown)

The rubbish bins are collected one week, with the recycling and garden waste bins collected the following week and so on. Food waste is collected weekly.

The standard size of black bin is 180 litres. This is slightly smaller than your other bins because you can recycle most of your waste.

If you live in a flat we provide shared bins for rubbish and recycling. If you do not have any please ask your landlord to contact us.

Collections are made by our in-house collection team Tuesday to Friday, any time between 7:00am and 5:00pm. Always make sure your bins are out in the right place by 7:00am and remember to take the bins back in as soon as you can after collection.

We work as normal on Good Friday and we will notify you of any changes to collections over Christmas and New Year.

If you have items that are too large to fit in your bins please consider using our bulky waste collection service.

Non-residential rubbish and recycling services

If you would like us to collect your business waste please see our business waste collection service pages for more details.

We also offer a rubbish and recycling service for schools.