Clinical waste, needles and syringes

We don’t offer a clinical waste collection service for businesses, including nursing or residential homes.

We can pick up infectious clinical waste from homes free of charge every week. You need to be referred for this by a health professional.

You can request a sharps collection for needles and syringes. These must be placed in a sharps box provided by your doctors surgery on prescription. You must never place syringes or needles in your blue recycling bin.

To arrange a collection please complete the form below.

Request a sharps collection

Collections are on Tuesdays only and they must be booked by 4:00pm on Monday for the collection to take place the following day.

Other healthcare related waste such as incontinence pads, stoma bags, plasters and non-infectious dressings should be double bagged in plastic bags and placed into your black bin.

If you find any needles and syringes in a public area please report it to Customer Services on 0300 126 7000.