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A hackney carriage vehicle licence is required for a vehicle which can

  • ply for hire
  • stand on a rank
  • be hailed in the street or
  • be pre-booked.

All hackney carriage vehicles must be driven by a person who holds a HCV/PHV drivers badge. We can only issue hackney carriage vehicle licences for vehicles that operate within the district. All vehicles will be subject to inspection.


£292.00 for new grant 

£270.00 for a renewal. 

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The following documents must be submitted with your application:-

  • completed application form
  • insurance certificate
  • V5C vehicle registration document (log book)
  • MOT certificate dated within 28 days of an inspection appointment
  • application fee.
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Email The licensing team is available to the public on the telephone between 9:00am and 4:00pm.

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