Licensing - Taxi vehicle licence

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A hackney carriage (also called a taxi) is a type of vehicle licensed by us to carry up to eight passengers.

A private hire vehicle (sometimes called a minicab) is another type of vehicle also licensed to carry up to eight passengers.

A taxi can ply for hire from a rank or be hailed in the street, but a private hire vehicle must be pre-booked through a private hire operator.

We issue joint hackney carriage and private hire driver's licences.

We do not issue a licence for the first time to any vehicle over six years of age.

Hackney carriages must be wheelchair accessible and here is the list of designated wheelchair accessible vehicles:

You must also be aware of the law regarding the carriage of assistance dogs:

All vehicles must have an MOT certificate from a garage with in the district that is no older than 28 days when the vehicle is licensed. All vehicle must provide an MOT every 6 months.

Prior to attending the council the driver must submit the completed Vehicle Application Form, MOT, Insurance and V5. This should be submitted via 1 email. An officer will then phone the driver to continue with the application process

The insurance must cover public hire use for Hackney carriage and private hire use if it's for a private hire vehicle or 'for hire and reward' which will cover both.

£250 - New vehicle
£220 - Vehicle under 6 years old
£240 - Vehicle over 6 years old
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