Licensing directory - Premises licence or club premises certificate

Record details


You will need a licence to

  • sell alcohol
  • provide regulated entertainment or 
  • serve late-night refreshments (hot food and drink between 11:00pm and 5:00am)

New Grants and Full variations - The Non-domestic rateable vaule (NDRV) of any premises can be checked on the Valuation Office Agency (VOA). NDRV is revalued every 5 years. Premises that do not have a non-domestic rateable value are treated as falling into Band A for licensing fee purposes.

Standard fee rates are as per the attached document - Premises licence and Club premise fees

Transfer of a licence is £23.00

Variation to the Designated Premises Supervisor is £23.00

Minor Variation is £89.00

Apply / renew / transfer / vary

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Please email us to request the relevant application forms and we will send them to you. You can then email the forms back to us and make payment over the phone. We will then deal with this as an electronic submission.

Additional information

List of Responsible Authorities (Consultees)

If you intend on playing recorded music in a public place you may need a Performing Rights Society licence. This is not something that is issued by the licensing authority.