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Training courses - Slips, Trips and Falls (No exam)

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Injuries resulting from slips or trips are responsible for around 50% of all reported major injuries, and almost 33% of injuries that caused the employee to take 7 or more days off work. This means that nearly 1 million working days are lost every year due to slips, trips or falls accidents which costs society and industry as whole and estimated £800 million per every year.

This eLearning module aims to alert all staff to the dangers of slip and trip accidents and to raise their awareness to the dangers of the everyday hazards. If your workers can begin to understand and recognise hazards, your business will become far more productive and more importantly, safer.
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    - Slip and trip statistics
    - Who should report injuries and diseases?
    - What the law says
    - The duties of the HSE and Local Authorities
    - Penalties
    - What is a hazard?
    - What is a risk?
    - The 5 step risk assessment
    - Identifying hazards
    - Who may be harmed?
    - Evaluate the risks
    - Record your findings
    - Review and update the assessment
    - The slip and trip potential
    - Flooring
    - Cleaning
    - People and human factors


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Log-in details for your eLearning will be provided within three working days of booking. Once you have completed your eLearning, you will be able to access your certificate. It is recommended that you save this separately for future reference as access to the course is only available for twelve months from the date of booking.
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Chartered Institute Of Environmental Health (CIEH)