Consultations - Local Development Order

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Consultation starts
17 December 2019
Consultation ends
10 February 2020
Policy development

Our planning department deals with hundreds of planning applications for extensions to homes, every year. We approve nearly all of them, using our adopted Design Guide to help us to make the correct decision.

The Local Development Order is intended to make the process of gaining approval for an extension to your home quicker and more predictable. It takes away the need for a planning application, which can take in the region of eight weeks for us to make a decision – and potentially even longer if the planning application is considered by the Planning Committee.

By removing the uncertainty, homeowners will be able to order materials, commission builders etc, to get on with the project much more quickly.

The subject of this consultation is a district wide Local Development Order. We ask you to make any comments you may have by 5:00pm on Monday, 10 February 2020.

You can find out more about the details of the LDO, together with the process that will be used, in the December 2019 edition of SNC Review.

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