Wheeled Bins

Our recycling and waste scheme provides most households with three wheeled bins:

You also have two silver caddies for food waste collection.

If you have just moved to a new house please telephone us to order your bins and food caddies.

If any of your bins become lost or damaged please:

If you are unsure what goes in what bin please use our Recycling A-Z - What goes where guide or print off either of  the guides below:

Blue Bins

You can recycle household batteries and small electrical items (kettles, irons, toasters, etc) by placing them in a bag and leaving it on top of your blue bin. Our crews will collect them and keep them separate on the vehicle, and then recycle them.

If you regularly have lots of recycling then you can have an extra blue bin for a one off cost of £30. Please give us a call and we will deliver one.

Food Waste Caddies

You should have two Silver food caddies (one outdoor and one indoor) to use for your food waste collection.

See our food waste collection page on how to use the service and what happens to your food waste.

Green Bins

Items in the green bin will be composted, so please use it for garden waste; like grass clippings, leaves, small twigs, flowers, etc.

If you are unsure what goes in the green bin please use our Recycling A-Z - What goes where guide.

If you have lots of garden waste you can have an extra green bin for £30 a year. Please give us a call to arrange this.

Black Bins

Your black bin is for all other non-recyclable household waste, including polystyrene and bubble wrap.

Please do not use your black bin for Heavy materials such as large amounts of soil, stones, rubble or car parts, Liquids such as oil or paint, Scrap metal, asbestos or chemicals.

If you are unsure what goes in the black bin please use our Recycling A-Z - What goes where guide.

If you wish to request a larger or smaller bin of any colour, please contact us. Smaller bins are available free of charge. Larger bins are available free of charge under certain circumstances (e.g. for a large family), or can be provided for an annual fee.

We provide an assisted collection for households who are unable to put their bins out due to infirmity or disability. Contact us if you feel you need this service.

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