Waste and Recycling FAQs

What will happen if I put the wrong bin out?

If the wrong bin is left out for collection we will not empty it.

My black bin doesn't have much waste in, can I have a smaller one?

Yes, we can also down-size your green and blue bins, if this would be helpful.

I recycle a lot. Are larger blue bins available?

No   but  you can have a second standard-sized blue bin for a one-off cost of £30, call (01327) 322344. Please note, blue bins are limited to two per property. If you occasionally have extra recycling you can take it to one of the neighbourhood recycling centres or to the Household Waste Recycling Centre.

I have a big garden, can I have another green bin?

You can have a second standard-sized green bin for a cost of £30 a year, call (01327) 322344 to order one. Please note, green bins are limited to two per property. If you occasionally have extra garden waste you can take it to one of the neighbourhood recycling centres or to the Household Waste Recycling Centre.

I have a large family and lots of rubbish can I have extra bins?

More than 80% of your rubbish can be recycled by using your green bin, blue bin and food caddies. If you have a large family and need help with your bins and how to recycle more then please contact us to see how we can help you.

If you are not sure what goes in which bin see our Recycling A-Z.

How can I keep my kitchen caddies clean and fresh?

We recommend that you empty your indoor kitchen caddy into the larger outdoor every few days. Both caddies can be washed by hand or by dishwasher. The outdoor caddy has a lockable lid - to do this, bring the handle over and forward to the front.

Where can I get more caddy liners?

Caddy liners are available to buy from supermarkets, local shops, discount stores and well known online retailers. Please check our liners page for a list of places you can buy more liners. Alternatively you can line the food caddy with newspaper or kitchen roll (as these are compostable) or simply rinse the container out after emptying it.

Can I use biodegradable plastic bags as liners?

No, you cannot use biodegradable liners or plastic carrier bags in your food caddies. Only approved compostable liners, which are made from corn starch should be used to line your containers. The use of plastic bags in the food caddies will result in no collection. Please visit our liners page for more information.

I live on my own and do not produce much/any food waste, so I do not think this service will be of use to me.

Everyone produces food waste, often it is things that can never be eaten, such as banana skins, bones or teabags. It is much better for the environment to recycle this food waste and the cost of doing so is a lot less than sending it to landfill.

What do I do if any of my bins or caddies are damaged or get stolen?

Please contact us and we will arrange for repairs or a replacement free of charge.

I struggle to put my bins out can you help me?

We provide an assisted collection for households who are unable to put their bins out due to infirmity or disability. Contact us if you feel you need this service.

What about extra rubbish that won't fit into the black bin can we leave it on the side for collection?

No. We will only collect the rubbish in the bin. We will not collect extra rubbish left at the side of the bin or put on top of the lid. Over 80% of your waste can be recycled, so please recycle as much as you can, and this will reduce the waste your black bin.

How can I recycle batteries and old electrical items like kettles and toasters?

Batteries can be placed in a small bag and put on top of your blue bin on recycling week. Please see our battery recycling page for more information. Small electrical items such as kettles, toasters and radios are collected every recycling week, just place them in a regular sized carrier bag and on put on top of your blue bin.

Do you collect car batteries as part of the battery recycling service?

No. We will collect household batteries only and these must be put into a small plastic bag and tied to the lid of the blue wheeled bin. Please see our battery recycling page for more information.

Where do I need to put my bins on collection day?

You need to put the right bins at the kerbside, at the nearest point to the public highway, on your designated collection day. Please take your bins back in as soon as you can after they have been emptied.

What time do I need to put my bins out?

All bins need to be out by 7:00am on your collection day. Sometimes we need to empty bins in a different order to that usually undertaken which is why they need to be out for 7:00am.

You didn't empty my bin today - why not?

It is very important that the right things are put into the green and blue bins so that we can recycle your waste properly and keep the costs of the service down. If your green or blue bin is not emptied on collection day then it may be because you have put the wrong type of waste in. If this happens we will leave a hanger on your bin to explain. Sometimes we might make a mistake and miss your bin - if this happens, contact us straight away and we will come back to empty it.