Noise pollution

Our operational approach for noise matters within our control are outlined in the following documents:

Noise complaints we deal with

Neighbour nuisance e.g. loud music, parties, barking dogs.
DIY activities from domestic premises.
Industrial and commercial premises e.g. noisy air conditioning or extractor plant, vehicle deliveries, ice cream chimes, music from licensed premises, bird scarers, motor sports.
Intruder alarms from all premises including fire alarms.
Car alarms including car stereos when the vehicle is stationary on private property.
Noise from construction sites e.g. radio, plant equipment.
Anti-social behaviour e.g. shouting, arguing, door slamming in domestic premises.


Noise complaints we do not deal with

Noise type Responsible authority
Shouting, arguing in the street

Northamptonshire Police
Phone - 03000 111 222

Fireworks Northamptonshire Police
Phone - 03000 111 222
Air traffic noise (non-military) Civil Aviation Authority 
Phone - 01293 567171

Air traffic noise (military); Military low flying

Ambulance/police sirens; Not actionable by any authority
Children playing Not actionable by any authority
Day to day activities
e.g. conversations, flushing toilets,
mowing the lawn, vacuuming at reasonable time of day
Not actionable by any authority

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