Community Governance Review

We are conducting a Community Governance Review. This is the process for a district council to make changes to parish areas, usually at the request of parishes.

We have to publish details of the areas that will be looked at during the review, called the Terms of Reference (85kb pdf)

Due to the General Election, the first consultation period started later than scheduled. It will now run until Friday 21 July, rather than Friday 7 July, as stated in the Terms of Reference.

Tiffield Parish Council expressed an interest in Caldecote moving from the parish of Towcester, into the parish of Tiffield. On Tuesday 30 May, residents of Caldecote received a consultation letter (1.06 mb pdf), asking for their views on the possible change.

Towcester Town Council expressed an interest in moving the parish boundary between Towcester and Paulerspury. A consultation letter (1.3 mb pdf) has been sent to all properties in Paulerspury parish, giving details of the possible change and asking for views.

Other parishes who requested changes have been contacted directly and asked to provide details. The results of this period of consultation will be discussed by the working group of district councillors in late July/early August, and a report will be submitted to full Council on 18 October 2017.