Business Plan and Performance Management

5 Year Business Strategy 2016-2021 and Annual Business Plan 2017-2018

We have set out a five year business strategy with an annual business plan to deliver against the key objectives. The progress and success in delivering these key objectives will be monitored through the annual Business Plan which is reviewed quarterly.

Each division within the Council has a more detailed business plan which outlines the purpose, direction, resources and actions to be undertaken to achieve the priorities.

The objectives are grouped under the 3 key themes:

Our Business Plan 2017-2018

Our Business Plan is a high level, strategic document which outlines our ambitions and corporate priorities for 2016-21 In addition, it explains in more detail the projects and activities that we will be delivering in order to achieve our key objectives in the annual business plan section for 2017-18.

Priority setting and planning is also informed by the communities' and customers' views. Further information about how to give your views and engage with our decisions can be found in the Have Your Say section.

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Our approach to Performance Management is established on a firm principle of Plan, Deliver and Review. Our Performance Management Framework supports this process.

The objective of the Framework is to ensure that everyone who is working for the Council knows what it is trying to achieve and why, is clear how well we are progressing with and completing the achievements and is clear how performance can be improved or plans reviewed if necessary.

Information relating to these activities is available to Members of the public, organisations and businesses through our website or by contacting the Performance and Insight Team.

Efficiency Plan

Plans have been put in place to ensure we continue to save money while protecting front line services.

Our Efficiency Plan 2017-2018 to 2021-2022 includes four key themes:

Approval of the plan follows on from the four year Government settlement in December 2015 which came with a requirement to produce an Efficiency Plan by 14 October 2016.

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