Freedom of Information

Any information held by the Council can be given to you. There is a limited amount of information that may be confidential and we cannot let you have. The law calls these "exemptions". We will tell you if that is the case.

We have a Publication Scheme that lists all the kinds of information we have:

Make a FOI request

The law says you have to let us have your FOI request in writing, but that includes an email. There are a number of ways you can let us have your request:

In writing Information Systems Officer
South Northamptonshire Council
The Forum
Moat Lane
NN12 6AD
By email
Online FOI Request online form


To make it easier for us to deal with your request please include:

Please make the request as specific as you can, we cannot always help you with very general requests. We may have to come back to you to check what you want in more detail.

It is our job to help you make the request and to get the information you want, so please ask for help if you need it.

What happens when I make a request?

We must come back to you as quickly as possible and no later than 20 working days after you made your FOI request. We will let you know if we hold the information and give you the information you want. If we can't give you the information for example, it may be "exempt" then we will tell you why.

What if I am not happy?

We do our best to answer the question you raised as fully and accurately as we can. If you have any concerns about the way we have done this, we have a review process to look into such concerns. If you wish to use this, please write to:

Chief Executive
South Northamptonshire Council
The Forum
Moat Lane
NN12 6AD

Setting out your concerns and what action you think we ought to take. If you are still unhappy at the end of this process, you can contact the independent Information Commissioner at the following address:

Information Commissioner
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
SK9 5AF.

How much will this cost me?

We may charge you if we have to convert the information into a different format. We may also charge for any photocopying and postage costs.

If you request environmental information we are also entitled to charge you for the staff time that we incur in locating and supplying the information sought. The cost of staff time will vary according to the seniority of the staff and the length of time involved. We will let you know if your request will incur a charge, and require payment of it, before we process it. We can provide an indication of any costs on request if you are considering making a request for environmental information.

Find out more about FOI at the Information Commissioner's website.

Individual Electoral Registration Privacy Impact Assessment

The Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 speeds up the introduction of individual electoral registration (IER) in Great Britain in order to modernise the electoral registration system and tackle fraud. Electors will be asked to register individually from 2014 and will be required to provide identifying information which will be checked before they are added to the electoral register.

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