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How to tell us what you think about a planning application

By submitting comments via the online register you are agreeing to the Council's general copyright and disclaimer rules (116 kb pdf). Names and full postal addresses including postcodes are required with all comments. If you are submitting a petition please ensure each signatory includes a legible name, address and postcode, in addition to their signature . Please note: comments made, including your name and address, can be read by others including the applicant, please do not include personal details such as telephone numbers and email addresses as these will be automatically published, whilst we make every effort to remove these promptly there may be a period of time when they appear on the Planning Register.

Your views are important to us when we look at planning applications. We take a lot of trouble to consult people directly affected by a proposal. See how we publicise applications (499 kb pdf). It does not matter whether you are objecting to or supporting a particular application.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Council does not enter into individual correspondence about representations on planning or similar applications. We take account of your comments as part of the process of assessing the application, along with all others received. The report prepared to inform the decision-making process (whether for Committee decisions or an officer delegated decision) summarises all the representations and assesses the issues raised in the context of relevant planning policies. This report can be viewed on the Planning Applications Register once prepared, and we will inform you in writing of the decision reached.

Any comments must be related to planning issues, so this page is a short guide to what to think about when you contact us with your views.

When we consider an application we look at the proposal itself and what are called "other material considerations" directly related to the use and development of land.

Some examples of "material considerations" are:

This is not a full list and every application is different, but these are serious issues on which we wish to hear from you.

On the other hand, the following are generally NOT material considerations:

You should also bear in mind that:

If you want to comment on a planning application, you could do this;

Note: Remember to include the planning application reference number and the address of the proposed site, together with your name and address. All comments on planning grounds received before the decision is taken will be fully considered.

Please note that if you comment on an application that has not been made to South Northamptonshire Council but which this council has been consulted on (i.e the application reference number has a PC, PCC, CW or NA suffix) this Council is not the decision-making body in this instance.  We will in these cases forward your representation to the relevant Local Planning Authority so they may be able to take it into account when making a decision.

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