Housing Research

The Strategic Housing Team produces and updates the evidence for housing needs and other affordable housing related topics. A summary of the main research projects we have either recently completed or are currently working on are:

'State of the District's Housing' Report 2014 (1.46 mb pdf)

This report is updated every 12 months and contains current information on all aspects of the district's housing, including need, supply and property condition.

District Wide Housing Need Survey

A district-wide on-line housing need survey was undertaken in Autumn 2014 to ensure we have current housing needs information for the whole district.

Homelessness Review (931 kb pdf)

Our homelessness review was completed in August 2014 and has assisted with completion of our Housing and Homelessness Strategy, which will be published in Spring 2015.

Homelessness Review - Executive Summary (203 kb pdf)

Allocations Review

Our Housing Allocations review was completed in June 2014 and has informed the updating of our Housing Allocations Policy (1.11 mb pdf)

Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2010 (SHMA) (950 kb pdf)

This document is produced jointly with other local authorities in West Northamptonshire and provides evidence for housing and planning activity in the district.

Tenancy Strategy

This strategy was approved in June 2017.

Gypsy and Traveller Housing Needs Assessment 2013

We have worked with Cherwell District Council and West Oxfordshire Council to assess the accommodation needs of Gypsies and Travellers in the area.

Gypsy and Traveller Housing Needs Assessment 2013 - Executive Summary (105 kb pdf)

Gypsy and Traveller Housing Needs Assessment 2013 - Full Report (3.4 mb pdf)

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