Please note that South Northamptonshire Council adopted the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) on 21st October 2015. This means that all liable developments granted planning permission, including those allowed by an appeal decision, on or after 1st April 2016 will need to pay the levy. The CIL will not apply to liable developments that receive permission before this date. The CIL will also apply to some developments that do not need planning permission if they are commenced on or after 1st April 2016. Charges will apply to developments of new houses AND to new residential and retail developments of over 100sqm. More information about the CIL (including the Charging Schedule, definitions of what developments are liable and what developments are exempt) can be seen at:


We all want our area to thrive and grow, but we also need to plan carefully and in the best interests of local people in South Northamptonshire. We are here to advise on your project, deal with Planning and Building Regulation applications and to let you know what others are planning in your community.

Planning applications, pre-application enquiries and enforcement This Development Management section of planning provides information on Planning applications, pre-application enquiries, enforcement and weekly lists.
Planning Policy Plans, Supplementary Planning Guidance, Planning Briefs and Strategies and much more can be found here.
Heritage and Conservation Information about Ancient monuments, Conservation areas, Article 4(2) Directions and Listed Buildings.
Building Control For Building Control Applications and link to the Building Regulations Register.
Economic Growth Key background analysis and the Councils Economic Development Strategy guide our response to business proposals

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