Our housing responsibility

We have some responsibility for housing even though we no longer own any housing stock.

Housing is divided into 3 teams:

Housing and homelessness strategy

We have decided to combine our housing and homelessness strategies.

This strategy covers the 2015-2018 period and provides a framework for housing activities and considers issues such as:

The housing and homelessness strategy provides the plan for meeting both our statutory duties (the things we must provide) and our other objectives. This involves working with partners to deliver a mix of high quality affordable homes in appropriate locations to meet local need and establish housing services that provide robust housing advice, prevent homelessness and help ensure a healthy and vibrant private sector.

An update to the Housing and Homelessness Strategy was approved by Cabinet in June 2017. This document explains recent changes in legislation and the way funding for affordable housing is provided and sets out how housing needs will be met in the future.

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