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51m Alliance

South Northamptonshire Council are one of 18 councils, collectively known as "51m", who have come together to challenge the evidence base about the HS2 project. They are known as "51m" because that represents how much HS2 will cost each and every Parliamentary Constituency...£51million. By working with other like-minded councils in this way we reduce costs and share expertise and can have a much stronger voice in protecting the interests of our residents and businesses.

51m has its own website that contains far more material about HS2 and how the authorities are responding to it. For more information see the 51m website.

Council responses

2013 Compensation consultation:

Our response:

Our response to the HS2 Draft Environmental Survey consultation 2013:

Our response to Dft HS2 Consultation 2011

HS2 Route Maps and Artist' impressions

Revised maps for the proposed route:

Other documents are available from the DFT website.

We prepared an update of the HS2 impact mapping included in the response to the HS2 consultation. These maps have been updated to show the size of proposed cuttings and embankments.

Map 1  Turweston to Brackley East (3.7 mb pdf)
Map 2  Brackley East to Radstone (1.4 mb pdf)
Map 3  Radstone to Halse Copse (1.6 mb pdf)
Map 4  Halse Copse to Greatworth (1.6 mb pdf)
Map 5  Greatworth to Lower Thorpe (1.25 mb pdf)
Map 6  Lower Thorpe to West of Culworth (3.4 mb pdf)
Map 7  West of Culworth to Danesmoor Spinney (1.15 mb pdf)
Map 8  Danesmoor Spinney to North of Chipping Warden (1.7 mb pdf)
Map 9  North of Chipping Warden to Lower Boddington (7.7 mb pdf)
Map 10  Lower Boddington to North West edge of District (1.7 mb pdf)

In answer to the question 'what will HS2 actually look like' we commissioned a project to actually draw up a set of images to help inform local residents.

By overlaying pictures of the track, gantry and security fencing onto photographs of key sites it is possible to give a realistic impression of what HS2 might look like.

Download Location
Location Assessment 1 (6.2 mb pdf) A43 Brackley, South to Turweston, Radstone, North of Radstone
Location Assessment 2 (6.4 mb pdf) South to Lower Thorpe, Lower Thorpe, South of Culworth
Location Assessment 3 (7.7 mb pdf) Edgcot Battlefield, Trafford Bridge
Location Assessment 4 (3 mb pdf) Boddington, Road to South East of Thorpe Mandeville
Cross Section Locations 1 (2.9 mb pdf) A43, Radstone, Halse Copse
Cross Section Locations 2 (3 mb pdf) Lower Thorpe, Trafford Bridge for Edgcot Battlefield
Cross Section Locations 3 (2.7 mb pdf) Boddington
Illustrative Cross Sections for Locations 1-3 (776 kb pdf)  

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