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South Northamptonshire is a great place to do business and our aim is to help businesses start up, grow and thrive for the benefit of everyone who lives and works in the area.

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South Northamptonshire Local Economic Assessment 2017 (503 kb pdf) This report is an update of the first Local Economic Assessment undertaken by GVA for South Northamptonshire Council. It presents the current available evidence base on a range of issues that relate to People, Business and Place. 
South Northamptonshire Logistics Study (1.53 mb pdf)

This report sets out the findings from a study undertaken by GVA for South Northamptonshire Council. It provides a thorough and detailed evidence base of the logistics sector to help us understand how we can support and accommodate appropriate growth opportunities, now and in the future.

Local Implications of Brexit: Considerations and Recommendations (580 kb pdf)

South Northamptonshire Council and Cherwell District Council  have commissioned a Report on the ‘Local Implications of Brexit: Considerations and Recommendations’

The Report provides an action plan to ensure the Councils future activities to improve the local economy are informed and evidence based.

The Report Authors, Deyton Bell, look in turn at the main economic implications of Brexit. The Report then maps the potential  impacts and consequences against four themes:

  • Macro-economy
  • Industry
  • Household and
  • Government

The Report then concludes with a range of findings, observations and recommendations drawn from a range of local stakeholders who contributed  to the study.

SNC Economic Growth Strategy 2016 - 2019

The Economic Growth Strategy 2016-2019 'Delivering Economic Growth for South Northamptonshire' was adopted as a policy document by Council on 20th July 2016.

The Strategy has 4 key themes which are a set of interlinking priorities driving growth and employment for the District:

  • Improved skills and employment
  • Effective Business Support
  • Strengthening the Town and Village economies
  • Supporting the visitor economy

The Council expects this document to be referred to when planning applications are submitted which have an economic impact on the District.

State of the District Economy This provides an analysis (2013/14) of the South Northamptonshire economy.

South Northamptonshire Place profiles:

District Profile - South Northamptonshire 2016 (2.3mb pdf)

Inward Investment Guide 2013 (1.24 mb pdf)


This District Profile was commissioned by the Council to inform its economic growth activities for South Northamptonshire (published September 2016)

This Guide was commissioned by the Council to inform its Economic Development activities for South Northamptonshire. (Published February 2013)

Skills Forecast (1 mb pdf) This study was commissioned by the Council to compliment the data updated annually for the State of the District's Economy Report and provided analysis for the future skills requirements for South Northamptonshire.
Economic Map

Gives an 'at a glance' overview of where the council sits in the economic environment.

District Economic Profile Provides links to District and County economic profiles.
Development in the District The district of South Northamptonshire is a very special place and we want to preserve and protect it by ensuring that the new development meets the needs of residents, businesses and visitors into the future.
Heseltine Growth Review 2012 (2.44mb pdf)

The Council submitted a response in September 2012 to the review by Lord Heseltine of how to encourage economic growth.

SEMLEP Comparative Business Survey 2015 (1.46 mb pdf) The South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP) provides a comparison of the results by Local Authority, including South Northamptonshire Council, for key business and economic indicators and information. It also presents results and analysis to strategically inform and support the delivery of SEMLEP's priorities and activities.
Briefing Note on European Funding 2014-2020 (106 kb pdf) European Funding Programmes operate on a 7 year funding cycle. The latest cycle is the 2014 to 2020 Programme.
Local Economic Assessment June 2013 (360 kb pdf)

As part of the Employment Land Study (ELS) a Local Economic Assessment (LEA) for People, Business and Place was undertaken to provide an evidence base. As well as informing the ELS it is a stand alone document in its own right.

Employment Land Study Final Report and appendices February 2014 (updated) (986 kb pdf)

This study was commissioned by the Council and published in November 2013 (updated in February 2014) to inform the implementation of the SNC Economic Development Strategy and preparation of the South Northamptonshire Local Plan. The Final Report provides a solid evidence base that will:

  • Assist in the review of existing and potential employment sites
  • Inform the Council's inward investment strategy
  • Identify strategic sites for local and inward investment
  • Assist the review of high quality communications infrastructure
  • Support patterns of development required for sustainable transport
  • Inform the planning required for clusters/networks of knowledge driven and high technology industries

As part of the consultation process stakeholder workshops were undertaken in June and September of 2013 and findings from these are included in the report.

At the SNC Policy and Regeneration Strategy Committee meeting on 4th December 2013 the Employment Land Study the ELS was presented and a summary of this is available below as is the related report:

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