Empty Homes

We are committed to increasing the supply of affordable housing, tackling homelessness and improving the condition of housing. One way to achieve this is bringing empty properties back into use and we are currently reviewing our policy in this area.

You may know of properties standing empty in your town or village. Empty properties are a wasted resource and could be brought back into use to provide a home for someone and an income to the owner through sale or rent.

Empty properties can have negative effects on a community such as attracting vandalism, anti-social behaviour, arson and also reducing house prices of neighbouring properties.

We are actively seeking to identify empty properties across the district. We aim to offer encouragement and advice to owners so that properties can be used again as homes.

If you know of an empty property or if you are an owner of an empty home and wish to bring it back into use, please call 01327 322292 for further advice and possible assistance.

Empty Homes charity

Empty Homes is an independent campaigning charity. It exists to highlight the waste of empty property in England and works with others to devise and promote sustainable solutions to bring empty homes back into use. To access the empty homes agency website please go to www.emptyhomes.com.


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