Form drop complete for annual electoral canvass

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Forms have now been sent to all 40,427 households across South Northamptonshire as part of the annual canvass which requires all eligible voters to confirm or update their details on the electoral register.

All forms have now been delivered and anyone who has yet to receive one should contact South Northamptonshire Council (SNC) by emailing or by calling 01327 322128 to request a form to be sent out manually.

Yvonne Rees, Electoral Registration Officer for SNC, said: “Making sure your details are up to date has a positive impact on your credit rating, so taking just a few minutes to update your form can have a big impact.”

The forms will list the eligible voters in the household. If the information is correct then residents need only confirm the information using the telephone, text message or online system to confirm this by calling 0800 197 9871, texting 80212; or using our online Household Response form.

Each form will have a security code printed on it that is unique to the address; residents will need to input this code so that the council updates the correct property.

If any information has changed, residents will need to update the details on the document and return it to the council in the self-addressed envelope which is enclosed. It is a legal requirement for residents to respond.

If when responding to the initial form, new people are added to the property, they will receive a form addressed specifically to them which asks for their National Insurance number and date of birth. This is the second part of the registration process, and this form must be returned to complete the registration.

Alternatively, complete an online registration by the Government's online voter registration system.

Any household who hasn't responded to the initial form by Sunday, 17 September will receive a reminder letter ahead of the electoral canvassers undertaking a door knocking campaign at the end of next month. Residents are therefore urged to respond as soon as possible to reduce the costs of this process which is paid for using taxpayers’ money.