Village residents get first glimpse of year round play space

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A derelict patch of land has been turned into year round play space for Harpole Youth Club members to socialise, thanks to a £15,000 community grant from South Northamptonshire Council (SNC).

Village residents turned up for an open day on Sunday, 3 September to see the completed works ahead of the club’s first session after the summer break.

The project saw an overgrown area cleared and a muddy patch covered with artificial grass, providing a year round seating area and play space.

Natasha Labrum, chairman for the club which has been a registered charity since 1974, said club members helped decide what happened to the space and will guide how it changes in the future.

She said: “One part was overgrown with hawthorn and nettles; the other part was dusty in dry weather and muddy in the wet.

“So it’s made a huge difference to the children, they now have a safe, practical environment where they can socialise all year round.”

Cllr Peter Rawlinson, SNC’s portfolio holder for finance and procurement said: “For more than 40 years Harpole Youth Club has served the village, both as a place for young people to build relationships within their community and as a venue for family parties and community groups like the Guides.

“This is a prime example of how SNC grants can be used to improve a community.”

SNC community crants are available to organisations and individuals located in, or associated with the district.

A wide range of projects and activities may be eligible for assistance including capital projects (buildings and infrastructure) as well as smaller projects such as supporting the purchase of needed equipment or the delivery of local schemes.

For more information visit the SNC Community Grants homepage or email Grants Officer Sarah Burns.