Study underway into South Northants shopping habits

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Residents are being asked about their shopping habits as South Northamptonshire Council updates its understanding of the retail economy in the district.

The retail study being carried out by NEMS Market Research on behalf of the council will focus on how shoppers use both Brackley and Towcester town centres.

The study will include footfall assessments across the two market towns, together with an analysis of the size, scale and scope of the retail provision across the district.  The final report will recommend useful approaches in the future.

Cllr Stephen Clarke, SNC’s portfolio holder for economic development, regeneration and housing said: “A retail study of the district was last carried out in 2009.   Since then, both Towcester and Brackley have grown and the retail landscape has evolved.

“This study will give us an up-to-date picture of how people are using our market towns and it will help guide future policy decisions and focus the efforts of our Economic Growth Team.

“I would urge anyone who is contacted to agree to take part in the survey; it only takes a few minutes and it will help SNC influence the economic development of our market towns.”

NEMS will contact residents by phone and will ask questions about shopping habits only.

Businesses have also been contacted by post and asked questions about their current retail position and what they would like to see in their town centre in the future.

Please note NEMS will always state that they are calling on behalf of SNC.