Moat Lane Regeneration Planning Brief

Towcester is changing. The town's population has grown steadily in recent years and now new homes and employment opportunities are planned for the southern edge of the town. The Moat Lane project is part of the strategy to prepare for growth, offering improved facilities for both new and existing residents. Once completed it will become a mixed use extension to the town centre and includes retail, office, residential, leisure, car parking and public open space.

The Masterplan works on the principle of 'retain and refurbish'. What that means in practise is that we take our lead from the heritage and quality of the town centre. The Masterplan ensures that where possible, existing buildings and landscapes are retained or refurbished to create a sustainable development that reflects the special character of the town.

The Moat Lane area has many important buildings and landscape features. It is within the Towcester conservation area and includes several listed buildings, a scheduled ancient monument and registered parkland. The Masterplan has been carefully designed to ensure that all of these elements are treated as sensitively as possible and the project team has worked closely with local groups and appropriate agencies to enable this to happen. The scheme has evolved and changed since the original planning brief was prepared.

The Moat Lane Planning Brief (pdf 5627kb)