Council reports a year of strong performance

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Strong progress on the improvement of public services provided by South Northamptonshire Council (SNC) has been highlighted in its end of year performance report.

On Monday, 12 June members of the SNC cabinet heard that 82 per cent of the council’s performance targets for 2016/17 were either met or exceeded.

Cllr Phil Bignell, SNC’s portfolio holder for ICT, HR and governance, said: “As a responsible council we closely compare departmental achievements against the priorities we set as members at the beginning of the year.

“Following a round of scrutiny on this report itself, I am pleased to report that we are fulfilling our ambitions to provide quality services to the district and are continually improving on what we deliver.

“We are a fit for purpose council and I commend all those working hard at SNC for the benefit of everyone that lives and works in the district.”

82 per cent of the targets set during 2016/17 were met or exceeded, 14 per cent fell short by 10 per cent or less, while only 4 per cent of targets were missed by more than 10 per cent.

Highlights from the performance report include: the recycling rate for the district exceeding 60 per cent for the first time, delivery of the new leisure contract and start of the new swimming pool in Brackley, 79 per cent of major planning applications were determined within 13 weeks against a national target of 50 per cent, the transformation programme to share services with Cherwell District Council is on track and nearing completion.

There were some delays during the year to make regulatory services more cost effective and easier for businesses to access online. This will progress as the revamp of the SNC website continues and is expected to be completed in 2017/18.

The drafting of the Local Plan Part 2 is slightly behind schedule as the council ensures it has investigated all the options available, but it will be ready for examination in public in the summer of 2018.

Overall the report highlights the strong performance of SNC in delivering quality services for businesses and residents.