South Northamptonshire provides fair share of new homes

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With record levels of house building in South Northamptonshire, local people will now have greater control over what development takes place.

Under national planning rules authorities such as South Northamptonshire Council (SNC) must show they have five years' worth of land available for house building.

Any shortfalls open the door to unwanted development, allowed on appeal against the wishes of SNC members elected to represent people in their wards.

During a meeting of SNC's planning policy and regeneration strategy committee on Wednesday, 14 June 2017, members heard that the council can demonstrate nearly ten years' worth of land available for new homes.

Cllr Roger Clarke, SNC's portfolio holder for planning and environment said: "Over 670 homes were built in South Northants during 2016/17, the highest single year figures since the turn of the century.

"Obviously South Northants is a pleasant place to live and the market is showing us people want to move here.

"But we must balance the national need for more housing with our priority to protect what is special about this district.

"Speculative developers willing to force developments through against local wishes will now have a much tougher job convincing planning inspectors that South Northants is not pulling its weight in the fight against the housing shortage."

Under the West Northants Joint Core Strategy drawn up in conjunction with neighbouring planning authorities, South Northants must provide 6,318 new homes between 2011 and 2029.

To fulfil its obligations a further 1,681 homes must be built in the district by 2022, but SNC can show that 3,439 homes are deliverable within the next five years.