Green light for energy saving at Towcester Centre for Leisure

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A proposal to install a combined heat and power plant (CHP) at Towcester Centre for Leisure to reduce energy consumption has been approved by members of South Northamptonshire Council (SNC).

At a meeting of SNC's planning committee on Thursday, 13 April members approved the application to install the CHP along with a flue and infrastructure. The proposed unit will generate electricity whilst also capturing useable heat produced in the process, which would lead to energy efficiency ratings in excess of 80 per cent.

Andy Preston, SNC's head of development management said: "Incorporating renewable energy sources within both new and existing developments is a core principle of our planning policy, so it is encouraging to see Towcester Centre for Leisure taking this on board and making positive improvements.

"Not only will this reduce costs, it will also reduce their energy consumption for the benefit of the environment."

Most of the current energy demand comes from the heating, cleansing and pumping of water, as well as ventilation of the sports halls and public areas.

The new CHP plant will contribute to a significant reduction in the energy consumption of the leisure centre and will be located in a discrete area to the rear of the leisure centre, close to the existing internal plant room so that it has no detrimental impact on the main facades of the building