Conservation confirmation to preserve character of King's Sutton and Astrop

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Following a meeting of the planning policy and regeneration strategy committee on Wednesday, 22 March, revisions to the King's Sutton Conservation Area have been approved and the Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan adopted.

The conservation area was first designated in October, 1970, reviewed in 1998 and again in 2016 when the boundary alteration was proposed.

Following a public consultation in August 2016, changes proposed included removal from the Conservation Area of:

Andy Preston, SNC's head of development management, said: "The approval of these revisions and adoption of the plan for King's Sutton is a testament to SNC's continuing recognition of the special character of the area, ensuring preservation and enhancement within our historic towns and villages.

"It particularly highlights the need to continually review and listen to the communities affected."

The boundary for Astrop was also reviewed in late 2016 and amended to give Astrop an independent conservation area, separate from that of King's Sutton, following a public consultation in August 2016.

The appraisal of the conservation areas provides a clear and comprehensive basis for local planning policies and development control decisions, to help preserve and enhance the area for years to come.

They clearly define the elements which contribute to the special architectural or historic interest of the area, providing a robust framework against which future applications can be considered.

Copies of the public consultations had been made available at SNC's offices at The Forum, on the council's website. The Appraisal and Management Plan was also considered by King's Sutton Parish Council.