Stoke Bruerne Draft Village Design Statement

Village design statements are a form of planning guidance used to inform the design of new development ensuring that it is in keeping with existing local character and distinctiveness.

A key aspect of Village Design Statements is that they are written and researched by local communities, with only advisory input from the Local Planning Authority. They are an important tool for community planning and gives local communities the opportunity to have their say on its future place-making.

The Stoke Bruerne Village Design Statement document has evolved over the last two years and is coordinated by a committee of members of the Parish Council and village residents. In 2015 the Parish Council asked the residents of Stoke Bruerne to complete a questionnaire about the village covering a number of topics ranging from potential housing developments and housing stock to community engagement and priorities for the village.

The responses that were made have shaped the contents of the village design statement which provides an analysis of the historical development of Stoke Bruerne and its present day character, identifying important natural and built features and other defining characteristics. Informed by that analysis the Design Statement then goes on to present a number of development guidelines against which it is suggested proposals for future development should be considered.

The document has been discussed and reviewed by South Northamptonshire Councilís Planning Policy Team and it is considered that the document and the recommendations that it makes, are in conformity with the Development Plan and national planning policy and guidance.

It is therefore considered appropriate for the Local Planning Authority to undertake a six week period of public consultation on the document in anticipation of its future adoption as a supplementary planning document that would carry some weight as a material planning consideration in the determination of planning applications.

Consultation on the Stoke Bruerne Draft Village Design Statement (11.1 mb pdf)  will commence on Monday 30 January and conclude on Friday 10 March 2017. Details on how to respond can be found in the Consultation Letter (46 kb pdf).

This consultation has now closed.