The Strategic Development Framework (SDF)

The Strategic Development Framework has been produced as an evidence base to inform the master planning process and co-ordinate future development in the west of Northampton, in recognition of the large scale of development coming forward and in order to avoid piecemeal, disjointed development as seen in other parts of the county. The document has been produced in collaboration with Northampton Borough Council, Daventry District Council, Northamptonshire County Council and the West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit.

The document has been designed to:

The SDF does not constitute planning policy, but it is consistent with and amplifies the Joint Core Strategy (JCS) strategic policy framework of providing a ‘plan-led’ approach to guide development of the Sustainable Urban Extension. The SDF does not therefore in any way alter or add to JCS policies and whilst it will constitute a material planning consideration when assessing planning applications, it has limited weight and will play a limited role in the formal application determination process.