Land and Property

We do not have a large property holding. The majority of properties are held either for our own use, or let to third parties for such uses as Sports Grounds or Scout Huts. From April 2015 we have operated from The Forum in Moat Lane, Towcester, with a satellite office in Brackley and Environmental Services Depot at Old Tiffield Road in Towcester, and recycling at Farthinghoe.

We also owns the Leisure Centres in Towcester and Brackley. We do not currently hold a specific Commercial Portfolio, although the possibility of investing to produce a revenue stream is being investigated.

The only exceptions to this are the properties in the Moat Lane area of Towcester, which have been purchased [predominantly with Government Regional Funding] to promote the Moat Lane Regeneration Scheme. Most of these properties will pass to other ownership over a two to three year period.

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