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Canal Policies

1. Oxford Canal Conservation Area

In 2012 South Northamptonshire Council designated part of the Oxford Canal passing through its district as a Conservation Area. The report and study can be found on our Article 4(2) Directions and Conservation Areas page.

2. Stoke Bruerne Conservation Plan

The Stoke Bruerne Conservation Plan identifies the important heritage assets of Stoke Bruerne village and environs, assesses vulnerability to change and makes recommendations to ensure that the historic significance of the site is not undermined.

3. Response to Canal Mutualisation proposals

The Council has also considered a Report to Government proposals to mutualise the British Waterways and details are to be found in the Report:

4. Support for Buckingham Canal Society

SNC are supporting the Buckingham Canal Society in their objective of reopening the Buckingham Arm of the Grand Union Canal.

5. Please also visit our guide to Canal Heritage

Town and Village Design Guidance

SNC has prepared a suite of guidance issues for the towns and villages of the District.

The Village Design Guidance describes the distinctive characteristics of the locality and provides design guidance to influence future development of the area.

Please also refer to the Village Design Statements prepared by villages themselves.

Cultural Strategy

In 2003, the Council published its Cultural Strategy. It identifies what constitutes the culture of South Northamptonshire and will help to determine how best to contribute through its existing and proposed services and activities to:

For more information see:

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