Filling out the Household Enquiry Form (HEF) Online

Your personal information

We will only use the information you give us for electoral purposes. We look after personal information securely and we will follow the Data Protection Act 1998. We will not give personal information about you and the other people in your household to anyone else or another organisation unless we have to by law.

Why do I need to provide information about my property?

In order to know who is eligible to register to vote, we need to know who lives at your address. An individual registration form will then be sent to all the people in your household who are eligible to register.

Who is eligible to register to vote?

You can register to vote in the UK if you are:

You must also be either:

Which nationalities are eligible to register?

Below is a full list of Commonwealth and European Union countries. If you are a citizen of one of these countries, and resident in the UK, you are eligible to register to vote in UK elections. To qualify, Commonwealth citizens must be resident in the UK and either have leave to enter or remain in the UK or do not require such leave.

European Union countries

Austria Estonia Italy Portugal
Belgium Finland Latvia Romania
Bulgaria France Lithuania Slovakia
Croatia Germany Luxemburg Slovenia
Cyprus Greece Malta Spain
Czech Republic Hungary Netherlands Sweden
Denmark Ireland Poland United Kingdom


Commonwealth countries

Antigua and Barbuda Guyana New Zealand St Vincent & The Grenadines
Australia India Nigeria Swaziland
Bangladesh Jamaica Pakistan The Bahamas
Barbados Kenya Papua New Guinea The Gambia
Belize Kiribati Rwanda Tonga
Botswana Lesotho Samoa Trinidad & Tobago
Brunei Darussalam Malawi Seychelles Tuvalu
Cameroon Malaysia Sierra Leone Uganda
Canada Maldives Singapore United Republic of Tanzania
Cyprus Malta Solomon Islands Vanuatu
Dominica Mauritius South Africa Zambia
Fiji Islands Mozambique Sri Lanka Zimbabwe
Ghana Namibia St Kitts & Nevis  
Grenada Nauru St Lucia  


Are you having technical problems?

There may be a local connectivity problem - are you actually connected to the internet? Check if you can connect other websites. Many problems are solved if you restart your PC.

The online system won't accept my Security Codes or Postcode

The online system says the online form for my property has already been completed

If someone from the household has already provided details for your property either by phone, online or SMS, then the online system will prevent anyone else using the same Security Codes to log in. Perhaps a friend or relative may have already provided the details on your behalf?

I have to provide details for more than one property

When you have completed each online household enquiry form, the internet address from the form must be entered into your browser again. (You may be able to select the address from the drop-down box in your browser address bar). Pages that your browser may have stored from previous sessions should not be re-used.

I encountered an error OR my internet connection was interrupted whilst trying to provide details for my property, has my response been recorded?

Try logging in again, if your response was recorded properly the online system won't let you in again; if it wasn't, the system will let you in.

I entered my email address but I have not received confirmation that my session is complete

The online system is configured to send confirmation emails in batches, rather than immediately. It may take several hours before a confirmation email is sent to you.

You may have entered an incorrect email address, or there may be other problems beyond our control, such as if your email provider is experiencing technical difficulties, or if you are using mail filtering software this may wrongly identify the confirmation email as unsolicited email or spam.

Note that the session may be complete even if the email confirmation fails to be delivered. Try logging in again, if the session was recorded properly the system won't let you in again; if it wasn't, the system will let you in.

I am a visually impaired or disabled internet user and require special software or tools to browse the internet. Is the website compatible with my system?

We have tested the website on a wide range of different browsers, and incorporated principles of accessibility into the website design wherever possible without compromising the required functionality and security. Thus we have tried to make the website as usable and accessible as possible, but please let us know if you encounter problems and we will investigate them.

How can I ensure that my personal details are kept secure while using this service?

The ERS has physical security in our facilities to protect against the loss, theft, misuse, or alteration of information. There are also different layers of security implemented throughout our website platform, for example hardware and application firewalls; intrusion detection systems; and SSL encryption. You should also take the following steps yourself to further safeguard your personal data: