Drains and sewers

From the 1st October 2011 the responsibility for maintaining drains and sewers changed. From that date the water authorities took over responsibility for the majority of the shared drains and sewers with the exception of pumping stations, septic tanks and the drains to them, which remain the responsibility of the the users of them .

In general the only drains that you are responsible for, apart from the exceptions mentioned previously, are the lengths of pipe within the boundary of your property that serve only your property.

If you have a blocked or damaged drain within the boundary of your property and the drain only serves your property, you are responsible for unblocking or repairing it.

If the blockage is outside the boundary of your property or is in a pipe serving more than one property the water authority is responsible and you should contact them directly. Further information about who is responsible for drains and who to contact can be found at Anglian Water and Thames Water websites.

The storm drains and road drainage are the responsibility of Northamptonshire County Council's Highways department and any problems should be reported on Street Doctor.

Drains can become blocked if the wrong materials are put down them. For further information see below:

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