Seed Funding for youth organisations

Seed Funding Grants

South Northamptonshire Council offers up to £5,000 funding to youth organisations within the district that are seeking financial support to help with start-up costs or early project costs.

This can be to support expenses such as professional fees to enable an organisation to grow and develop within the district.

This funding is for initial costs to enable groups to move to the development stage of their project and it is fully anticipated that successful groups will approach South Northamptonshire Council's Grants Panel if further funding is needed once the initial stage has been developed.

To be eligible to apply, groups must have a constitution and a bank account in the organisations name.

A maximum fund of £20,000 is available from 2015.

Application Process

To apply for a grant you need to complete the application form.

If you are in any doubt about how to complete the forms please email or call Katie Arnold on 01327 322216.

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