Energy Efficiency

You don't have to do without heat or power to reduce how much energy you use - you just need to use it wisely and not waste it. By simply changing habits we can reduce the amount of energy we use. Here are a few basic tips:

Energy Saving Improvements

Central heating If you are too warm, turn the thermostat down 1 degree, this can cut up to 10% off your fuel bills. If you're going away leave the thermostat on a lower setting to prevent freezing without costing too much.
Hot Water Make sure your cylinder thermostat is set at the correct temperature, 60 degrees is adequate for bathing and washing.
Curtains Close your curtains at dusk to stop heat escaping through the windows
Lights Turn off lights when you leave a room
TVs, Videos etc Don't leave appliances on standby.
Fridges Don't leave the fridge door open longer than necessary. Avoid putting hot or warm food straight into the fridge. Defrost the fridge regularly. Don't place the fridge next to cookers or boilers.
Washing Machines Try to make sure you have a full load, if this isn't possible use half load or economy programmes.
Cooking Use the right size pans and keep lids on when cooking. Only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need, always ensuring that the element is covered.


Investing modest sums of money:

 Lights Replace light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs. Cost around £4 - Saving around £10 per year.
Hot water tanks

Make sure the tank is properly insulated, the insulation jacket should be at least 75 mm thick. Cost around £10 - Saving around £20 per year.

Hot water pipes Insulate hot water pipes to prevent heat escaping. Cost around £1/metre - Saving around £5 - 10 per year.
Showers A shower uses only two-fifths of the hot water needed for a bath. Shower attachments on taps can give you the option of having a shower. Cost around £5 - Saving around £5 - 10 per year
Taps Make sure taps don't drip. A dripping hot water tap can waste energy and enough water to fill a bath in a day. Cost around £3 - £5 Saving around £5 per year
External doors Fit draught excluders. Remember it is important to maintain ventilation particularly if you have fires, or gas boilers. Cost around £5


Where the heat is lost:

Insulation The cost of heating the home is a major part of your fuel bills. By making sure your home is properly insulated you can save money and improve your level of comfort
Cavity walls Insulating your cavity walls could save between £75 and £150 a year off your fuel bills.
Loft By topping up your loft insulation from 100mm to 250mm you could save between £35 and £45 a year.
Heating Systems

Having proper control of your heating system will ensure that you don't waste energy, fitting thermostatic radiator valves for instance ensures that rooms are heated to the correct level.

If you need to replace your boiler, consider replacing it with a condensing boiler, which could save up to a third off your heating bill.

Solar Energy

Instead of buying in all your energy you can make use of the sun's power. Homes can be fitted with solar panels that can produce either hot water or electricity.

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