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The Strategic Housing Team is responsible for helping to enable the delivery of affordable housing in the district. In order to work out how and where this is delivered we have policies to assist us.

Interim Affordable Housing Policy - we adopted this policy while waiting for the Joint Core Strategy to be implemented, to provide guidance to developers, housing associations and local communities on what is expected when planning and delivering new schemes which include affordable housing. In some cases, the policy allows for consideration of a small number of open market properties to be built outside village confines. This might happen where a need for affordable housing has been identified in the location, and a developer can demonstrate that the affordable housing cannot be built without revenue from open market housing. Some parts of this policy, in particular the rules on when and how much affordable housing is required, have been replaced by the Joint Core Strategy. An updated Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is being prepared and will replace the Interim Affordable Housing Policy.

Joint Core Strategy - this policy was approved by the Joint Planning Committee on 15 December 2014 and sets new thresholds across West Northamptonshire for the delivery of affordable housing. In this district, for planning applications of 5 properties or more, 50% of the properties in the villages should be affordable housing and in the towns (Towcester and Brackley) 40% of the properties should be affordable housing. In addition, some of the Northampton Related Development Area (NRDA) falls within the South Northamptonshire District and for planning applications of 15 or more properties in this area, 35% of properties should be affordable housing. The area affected by the NRDA is described in paragraph 5.34 of the Spacial Strategy and shown on the Policies Map, both of which are in the Joint Core Strategy.

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