FAQs - Council Tax reduction scheme

Can I claim Council Tax reduction?

You can claim Council Tax reduction if you are liable to pay Council Tax for the property you live in. Council Tax reduction is based on the income, savings and circumstances of your household and the amount of Council Tax you have to pay.

There is another type of Council Tax reduction that you may be able to get; this is known as second adult rebate. Second adult rebate is based on the income and circumstances of other adults (not including your partner) who live in your household. This may be awarded if your income is too high to get normal Council Tax reduction but another adult in your household has a low income.

Can I claim Council Tax reduction if I work?

Yes. you can claim Council Tax reduction if you work and receive a low income. We will need to see evidence of your earnings. You will need to provide:

How do I claim Council Tax reduction?

If you wish to claim Council Tax reduction please telephone 01327 322140 to request a form and to make an appointment.

What evidence do I need to supply?

If you have not claimed before you will need to provide original documents as proof of your identity and of your National Insurance Number. You will also need to provide original documents to show your income and capital and savings. If you also wish to claim housing benefit to help with your rent we will also need to see proof of your rent.

What happens when you receive my claim?

When we receive your claim form we will check the form and the evidence that you have provided. If we have all the information we need to decide your claim we will process your claim as quickly as possible and inform you of the outcome of your claim. If we need you to provide more information we will write to you again. You will have a calendar month to provide us with any additional information that we request or for you to advise us when the information will be available

How much Council Tax reduction can I get?

This will depend on your income and capital and whether you have other adults living in your property (other than your partner). If you are of working age you will have to pay at least 8.5% of your council tax as the maximum reduction you can receive is 91.5% of your council tax bill.

When will my Council Tax reduction be paid from?

Your reduction will usually start from the Monday after we receive your claim form. It is important that you return your claim form to us as soon as possible as any delay may result in you losing reduction

How is Council Tax reduction paid?

If you are awarded Council Tax reduction you won't receive an actual payment. Instead, your award will be used to reduce the amount of Council Tax you have to pay. If it doesn't cover the whole of your Council Tax bill you will have to make arrangements to pay any balance due.

What happens if I do not agree with your decision about my Council Tax reduction?

When we have decided your claim we will send you a notification letter, which will advise you of the outcome. The letter will advise you of all of the details we have used to work out your reduction entitlement and it is important that you check that the information is correct. You must let us know within one month if you do not agree with the decision we have made in your case.

What happens if my circumstances change?

It is very important that you let us know immediately if you have a change in your circumstances as you may receive too little or too much reduction. It is an offence not to tell us about any change of circumstance that affects your reduction. We may take legal action against you and if we pay you too much reduction, you will probably have to pay it back.

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