Details of deceased

The information on this page is all of the information that we hold in relation to Public Health Funerals.

Name Address* Date of Death Next of kin traced Referred to Government
Legal Department
(if applicable)
D Aldridge Harpole 27/02/2017 Yes No
M Cataldo Brackley 25/07/2016 Yes No
M Upstone Brackley 08/05/2016 Yes No
L Rose Brackley 04/05/2016 No No
P Devlin Towcester 22/02/2016 Yes No
M Vernon Bugbrooke 24/11/2015 Yes No
D Bacon Weedon Lois 19/08/2015 Yes No
P Moyse Towcester 03/10/2014 Yes No
W Hinkins Culworth 02/01/2013 Yes No
P Quinn Weedon Lois 23/12/2012 Yes No
Holder Horton 10/10/2012 Yes No
H Wlasiuk Culworth 01/08/2012 Yes No
D Carpenter Silverstone 30/07/2012 Yes No
R Lemon Towcester 28/10/2010 Yes No
A McKie Kings Sutton 26/08/2010 No No
H Brown Middleton Cheney 28/07/2010 No No
G Richardson Brafield 23/04/2010 Yes N/A
K Brown Blisworth 19/02/2010 Yes No
L Webster Roade 18/01/2010 Yes No
Unknown (2 Children Unknown Unknown No N/A
A Kulesza Unknown Unknown No No

Please note that we are not the only public body that refers estates to the Government Legal Department for the district of South Northamptonshire.

*In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 addresses have been redacted or withheld under the following exemption:

Section 31(1)(a) - law enforcement (prevention and detection of crime). The Council will not disclose address details where they relate to deceased's empty properties as the property is likely to be unoccupied and might still contain the deceased's personal papers and effects. The Council does not believe it to be in the public interest to disclose information relating to empty properties prior to a full and thorough securing of the assets of the estate as undertaken by the Government Legal Department.