My neighbour complained to me about my music/TV saying it was too loud. I would like to know what is reasonable?

Although the amount of noise made by any one person or household may seem negligible, it can make a real difference to the comfort of neighbours and even other members of the household. Not everyone appreciates the same level or type of music, particularly if it prevents them from sleeping.

Most noise is not subject to a maximum noise level (decibel level) and every complaint that we receive is investigated on a case by case basis due to so many factors involved. However the following advice can give you an indication as to whether or not the volume is reasonable:

If your neighbour is still not happy with the noise then advise your neighbour to contact us. If we are to act on a complainant's behalf, it is the investigating officer, not the complainant, who decides whether a particular complaint may be considered a statutory nuisance. The officer must decide if, on the basis of their experience and knowledge, a 'reasonable person' would find the problem unacceptable. Officers therefore cannot usually deal with complaints from those who have a different or higher expectation of environmental quality.