Health and Safety for new businesses

You may have recently started a new business in South Northamptonshire.

We appreciate that health and safety law can appear to be difficult and even frightening at first but it is likely that for most businesses you will only need to complete a few simple checks to ensure you comply.

As your local health and safety regulator we want to help you to comply with the law.

We also thought it would be useful if we tell you about some free sources of advice available to you.

We no longer carry out routine "on site" inspections of businesses without a reason (such as a complaint) but we still need to find out about the types of hazards associated with businesses in our area so that we can find the best way to help you if this is needed.

High Risk Businesses

It is important that you are aware that certain activities are more likely to cause injury to you, the public or your employees.

We also need to know about your business if it falls into this category so that we can be assured that you are controlling the risks.

This does not mean that you will automatically receive a visit from us. It will mean that we will contact you with important health and safety information from time to time.

We may however visit to follow this up if we do not hear from you. Please look at the questionnaire and only complete and submit if you need to tick any of the boxes in the first section.

We have provided an online Health and Safety form which you can use to provide this information.