Harpole Neighbourhood Area

We received an application for the designation of a Neighbourhood Area from Harpole Parish Council in 2012. This is required by the Neighbourhood Plan regulations as the first step of the Neighbourhood Plan process. Due to consultation responses received Harpole Parish then submitted a revised plan for the boundary of their Neighbourhood Plan.

We confirmed the revised designation of Harpole as a Neighbourhood Area in March 2013:

Step 2 - Harpole draft Neighbourhood Plan was published for consultation in May 2016.

Step 3 - The final draft of the Neighbourhood Plan was published for consultation in October 2016.

Step 4 - An independent examination took place on the Harpole Neighbourhood Plan in March 2017.

Step 5 - Harpole Neighbourhood Plan Referendum.

Step 6 - Information on the making (adoption) of the Harpole Neighbourhood Plan.


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